940D Photometric Range System

Ultimate platform for photometric testing of retroreflective materials. Provides complete and accurate retroreflection measurements.

The RoadVista Model 940D Computerized Photometric Range System is the ultimate in photometric testing of retroreflective materials, devices, automotive lighting and light sources. It allows the material engineer and the light source designer to characterize their products, whether purchased or developed in-house.

When used in conjunction with Gamma Scientific’s flexOptometer, the system allows photometric measurements that determine the effective intensity of red and white strobe type anti-collision lights for aircraft and integrated illuminance energy in units of Lux-seconds (lumen/m² per second) and luminous intensity energy (candela second) for barricade and other flashing lamp sources.

The system can also be configured with the Gamma Scientific RadOMA spectroradiometer system to perform night-time color measurements of retroreflectors and spatial color measurements of automotive lighting and light sources.

The Windows 7 compatible system software enables a single operator to perform highly accurate measurements in a matter of minutes. Simplifying retroreflectance measurements via default measurement sequences conforming to ASTM E809 procedures A and B for retroreflective materials. Or utilize SAE configurations for measuring light sources such as headlights, taillights, message and warning lights and LED’s. Single, vector and matrix measurements are possible with easily programmed data collection macro sequence files.

  • Provides complete and accurate retroreflection measurements
  • Three-axis goniometer with 6.5 arc-second (0.0018 degree) resolution conforms to international standards
  • Observation Angle Positioner (OAP) with 3 arc-second (0.0008 degree) conforms to ASTM and international recommendations
  • Photoreceptor with a Photopic corrected Silicon Detector, f1′<2%
  • Stable and uniform